The Palestinian cabinet’s spokesman, Ghazi Hammad, warned Tuesday of a possible collapse of the ceasefire agreement between Israel and the Palestinian resistance groups, in light of ongoing Israeli attacks on the Palestinian territories.

A statement made by Hamad read “in light of the latest serious Israeli attacks on the Palestinian territories, causing the death of a number of Palestinians and the injury of several others, the government warns of a collapse of the truce”.

The statement added that the Palestinian cabinet voices concern over a sustainable ceasefire based on the protection of the Palestinian people from more Israeli crimes. The government also emphasizes the need that the Israeli occupation should stop hostile practices and cease threatening to invade the Gaza Strip. It also maintained that the Palestinian government would continue consultations with all concerned Palestinian factions to take the necessary position that best serves the higher interests of the Palestinian people.

On Tuesday, the Hamas-linked Ezzieldin Alqassam brigades fired a barrage of homemade shells into nearby Israeli towns, calling a five-month long ceasefire over, a statement read. The brigades’ statement stressed the shell firing was in retaliation to the Israeli killing of 9 Palestinians as well as the threats of attacking the Gaza Strip.