Palestinian Minister of Social Affairs, Saleh Zeidan, met in Gaza on Thursday evening with the French general-consul in Jerusalem, Alain Remy, and discussed with him the latest developments in the Palestinian arena, and the national unity government.Remy stated that the French government supports the Palestinian National Unity Government, and the efforts that aim to lift the international embargo imposed on the Palestinians and their government.  

Meanwhile, Zeidan told Remy that the Israeli threats to invade the Gaza Strip are causing further escalation in the area, and demanded the European Union to take practical measures to stop the Israeli aggressions in the occupied territories.

Zeidan added that the Palestinian government calls for a bigger French role in lifting the siege, especially since France has positive positions regarding ending the conflict and achieving the Palestinian rights of independence.  

Also, the Consul listened to a detailed report regarding the role of the Ministry of Social Affairs in easing the suffering of the Palestinian people due to the continuous Israeli attacks and siege.

Zeidan asked Remy to develop the French support since it is very essential in development and relief services provided by the ministry.