Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said he is optimistic over possible end to internationally-imposed economic embargo.
Abbas’s remarks came during a meeting he held Saturday with the Egyptian President Husni Mubarak in Cairo, after concluding a worldwide trip to garner support for his coalition government that is comprised of rival Hamas and Fatah.

Abbas said his talks with Mubarak focused on the fragile ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians, as he described the situation as ‘explosive’.

“I believe that that the embargo would gradually be lifted and I see that European governments have no problem with the Palestinian coalition government”, Abbas told reporters Saturday.

The Palestinian president also emphasized the need for about 1 billion dollars in order for his government to ‘get back on its feet’.

Abbas’s tour included seven European countries including Greece, France, and Sweden.
France’s President Jacque Chirac believed the economic boycott should be lifted, while Greece voiced a similar stance.

Egypt has recently mediated a halt of an imminent Israeli attack on Gaza in light of deteriorating security situation, following a spate of Qassam homemade shells into Israel and Israeli raids on the Palestinian territories, in which 9 Palestinians were killed.

The international community has been imposing a crippling economic embargo on the Hamas-led Palestinian government since March2006, until the latter recognizes Israel, renounces violence and accepts past signed agreements.