The Palestinian Independent Commission for Citizens’ Rights (PICCR) initiated a probe into the incidents that led to the killing of resident Izzat Rasheed Al Bazary, who was abducted last week.The Commission went to Bazaria village, where the slain resident resided, met with his family and listened to their testimonies regarding the incident and the way the abduction was carried out.


Members of the Commission also met with several Palestinian security officials in the area and obtained their testimonies, in an attempt to determine the conducts of the security devices regarding this case.


The unknown gunmen apparently abducted Izzat due to a financial conflict with his son Rasheed, who is detained by the Palestinian police.


Um Rasheed, the wife of the slain resident said that he have high hopes that this investigation will lead to uncovering the assailants and the incidents the led to the death of her husband.


She added that there are several suspicious aspects that need to be probed in order to uncover the persons behind the killing and prosecute them.


Um Rasheed added that she also expects the other commission which was appointed by president, Mahmoud Abbas, to investigate the death of her husband, to continue its duties and to show practical results.