Israeli Prison Administration transferred Sheikh Mahmoud Al Sa’adi one of the jailed leaders of the Islamic Jihad, to Majeddo prison, after he spent four months under interrogation and torture at the Al Jalama detention facility.In a letter he managed to smuggle, Al Sa’adi stated that the Israeli intelligence continuously threatened to keep him detained under interrogation after the Israeli security failed to force him to confess to their charges in spite of the torture and isolation for four months.

 “I was kidnapped by the Israeli special forces when the army invaded Jenin, and since then I have been subjected to all sort of physiological and physical torture, I am in solitary confinement, and am barred from changing my clothes or even meet my lawyers”, he stated.

Al Sa’adi added that the Salem Military Court charged him of financing the activities of the Islamic Jihad, and is still barred from his visitation rights.


It is worth mentioning that Ahmad the brother of Al Sa’ady, and his brothers’ wife, Qahera Al Sa’ady, and his brother–in-law, Bassam, and his son Iz Ed-Deen are also detained by Israel.


Qahera Al Sa’ady in sentenced to three life-terms