A massive Israeli army force and one military bulldozer invaded the city of Jenin and Jenin refugee camp located in the northern part of the West Bank on Wednesday morning, the army bulldozer tried to run over Palestinian journalists while Israeli troops kidnapped four civilians.
Troops stormed the city and the nearby refugee camp, soldiers searched and ransacked scores of residents homes and took four civilians to unknown location, among those kidnapped were; Iyad Al Aiassa, 23 and Mohamed Shata, 45.

During the invasion a group of Palestinian journalists were in Jenin refugee camp documenting the Israeli attack, the military bulldozers chased the journalists and tried to run them over, the journalists managed to escape only to be met with and Israeli force that told them to leave and did not allow them to document the invasion.

On Tuesday late night, the joint operation unit of Al-Aqsa Brigade, the armed wing of Fatah, and Al-Quds Brigade, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack against an Israeli army unit near Jenin.

The spokesperson told IMEMC over the phone that their fighters detonated an roadside bomb near an Israeli military vehicle patrolling east of Jenin in the northern part of the West Bank. No injuries were reported.