Palestinian security sources reported early on Monday that a car, owned by a Fatah member in the Gaza neighborhood of Zaytoun, was blown up by unknown people.

The sources said that a very audible explosion was heard early in the morning in the Zaytoiun neighborhood, adding that the explosion ripped through the car of Ra’fat Alhajeen, a local Fatah member, while parking in front of the house.

Meanwhile, unknown masked men opened fire yesterday at a celebration at a UN-operated elementary school in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah, leading to the death of a bodyguard of a Fatah MP and injury of six other residents.

The celebration, criticized earlier by a local group as ‘indecent’, was held to mark the end of the school year, with the attendance of the operation director of the United Nations Agency for Works and Relief of Palestine Refugees, Jhon Ging.

Ging himself was exposed few weeks ago to unknown fire, while his convoy happened to be driving along the Salah Eldin road in northern Gaza.

Since late December, 2006, Gaza Strip has been rocked by a series of incidents involving Fatah-Hamas infighting, clan feuds, explosion of locals’ property, robberies and abduction.

Since signing a unity government in late February, the rival Fartah and Hamas parties, have largely halted their infighting, however, internal unrest continues to hit the coastal region.

Two weeks ago, Palestinian interior minister, Hani aL-Qawasmi, an independent academic, submitted his resignation to the Palestinian cabinet, over ‘alleged’ lack of cooperation among security officials.

Al-qawasmi had announced a 100-day security plan, aimed at restoring law and order to the unruly Gaza Strip.

The cabinet rejected the resignation, pending a trilateral meeting between Palestinian President Abbas of Fatah, Prime Minister, Ismalil Haniya of Hamas and the interior minister himself, to sort out obstacles that prompted aL-Qawasmi to resign.