The residents of Kofer Dann village west of Jenin city in the West Bank reported that a group of Israeli undercover force infiltrated a memorial house for a slain resistance fighter on Monday night.
Witnesses stated that the undercover agents entered the memorial service of Khalid Saleh, who was killed along with another two resistance fighters near Jenin several days ago, after some time the Israeli assassins started to ask questions about other resistance men from the village, residents spotted them due their unusual questions about some people from the village.

Shortly after the agents realized that residents exposed them, they called in enforcements to extract them. The agents did not leave the village of Kufer Dann residents told Palestinian media sources that the group went around the village and searched some animal shades, caves and old empty houses.

During the funeral of Saleh several days ago, another undercover force took over a house that overlooks the local graveyard and was taking photos of the residents participating in the funeral. The villagers reported that the undercover Israeli units are deployed in the village since last weekend, razing fear among the local community that the force may attack once again and kill more Palestinians.