Nimir Hammad, political advisor of the Palestinian presidents, Mahmoud Abbas, stated on Tuesday that the lack of balance in the Israeli political system and government will most likely cause negative and harsh effects on the Palestinian situation.أammad added that president Abbas repeatedly warned that the if current crises in Israel continues, the whole area will be negatively affected.

The statements of Abbas came during his meeting with the German Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Abbas stated that has a maximum of two months to change the current situation, “otherwise there will be serious effects on the whole region”.

Meanwhile, Hammad said that nobody should accept the continuation of the unjust siege and embargo imposed on the Palestinians, and that the Israeli-American led embargo damaged the Palestinian national economy and crushed the people.

“The the US administration is incapable of practicing pressure on Israel, then the only solution is what he repeatedly called for’ an international conference”, Hammad added, “This conference should be comprehensive and dealing with all issues in an attempt to reach an un-delayed final settlement to the conflict”.

He also stated that the US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, delayed her visit to the region due to the current political crisis in Israel after the Winograd Commission published its report over the conducts of Israel leaders during last summer’s war with Lebanon.

Furthermore, Hammad said that Israel did not give any clear response to the Arab peace initiative and attempted to avoid it since it wants normalization with the Arab world before carrying any withdrawals from the occupied territories.