An Israeli air strike killed on Wednesday a Palestinian resistance fighter of Hamas and wounded three others moderately.

Hospital sources said that Rami aL-Zaqzouq, arrived dead at the Kamal Edwan hospital in the Beit Lahiya town in northern Gaza.

A Hamas source, speaking in a condition of anonymity, said that an Israeli unmanned drone fired a missile on an outpost for the Palestinian national security forces that was seized earlier by the Hamas men.

This attack is the second on Wednesday after the Israeli warplanes bombarded a headquarters of a Hamas-linked executive force in Rafah city, killing three members and wounding about 20 others.

In the meantime, Hamas announced a unilateral ceasefire to stop the ongoing infighting with Fatah over the past three days.

Khalil Alhaiya, an MP of Hamas, told Aljazeera Arab satellite channel that the ceasefire will come to effect by 17:00 GMT tonight and will include withdrawal of gunmen from the streets.

At least 37 people have been killed and about 100 injured due to the infighting, considered the deadliest in two months after the rival parties agreed to a national unity government in March.

The incidents were sparked after a Fatah gunman was killed on Friday by unknown militants. Hamas and Fatah traded accusations over the breakout of violence.