Mo’ath Za’tari, Head of Wad El Joz Society, has stated that the organization’s lawyer has been able acquire the approval of the Municipality Court to compensate families from the Wad El Joz neighborhood to the sum of NIS 1500 for each case.

Wad El Joz residents suffered from unseasonable heavy rain on Wednesday, causing floods which damaged many homes, displaced many residents and destroyed various crops. The damage was exacerbated by the fact that the municipality has failed to extend water drainage and sewage lines in the area. While a project to extend these lines was undertaken three years ago, the final phase remains unfinished.

Al Za’tari stated that he considered the payment as simple and paltry in relation to the damage caused, arguing that the municipality should accept a greater degree of liability for any losses since their failure to extend the necessary lines was largely to blame.

Al Za’tari ensured that the society would measure the amount of damage caused by the rainfall and present their related demands for further compensation to the municipality in the coming weeks.

The society secured places for 11 particularly distressed families in the Olive Mount Hotel in Jerusalem City until Sunday. The society members also helped the clean-up operation by removing dust and water from homes and streets in the area.

“Nadera Abu Khader [a local resident] suffered a miscarriage on Thursday after jumping from her window in an attempt to escape from her home,” Al Za’tari said.

Al Za’tari gave his thanks and gratitude to those who helped the residents of the area during and after the catastrophe.