Palestinian Information Minister, Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi met on Friday with King Abdullah of Jordan on the sidelines of the Economic Forum held at the Dead Sea in Jordan.Dr. Barghouthi stated that he discussed with the monarch the situation in the Palestinian territories, the Israeli attacks, the siege and embargo, and Israel’s seizure of Palestinian tax revenue estimated by 850 Million US Dollars since Hamas won the elections last year.

He called on Jordan and the international community to practice pressure on Israel to stop its aggression in the Gaza Strip, and to lift the siege.

He also held talks over the efforts being practiced to end the internal clashes in the Gaza Strip and to implement the unity deal in order to maintain the Palestinian unity.

On his part, king Abdullah said that Jordan is carrying intensive efforts with several parties in order to resume the direct aid to the Palestinian people, to lift the siege, and to release the tax revenue held by Israel.

He affirmed the Jordanian position that peace and stability in the region is connected with ending the occupation, and ending the suffering of the Palestinian people who are living in poverty and unemployment under occupation and repeated attacks.

The king expressed the Jordanian support to the Unity Government and to the protection of the Palestinian people.

Barghouthi visit the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea as he participated in the opening ceremonies of the Social Forum. He held several meetings with international media outlets to expose the Israeli illegal practices against the Palestinian people.

He also slammed Israel for its apartheid system which was created by the Israeli occupation in the occupied territories. He stated that peace or economic development cannot be achieved with ending the apartheid and the occupation.

He demanded all media outlets to impose pressure on Israel to stop its shelling to the Gaza Strip.

Barghouthi also said that talks about economic cooperation with Israel cannot be considered before Israel ends its occupation, removes the annexation wall, removes its military roadblocks, the unjust siege and its racist practices against the Palestinian people.

Dr. Barghouthi stated that the World Bank report indicated that there cannot be any economic development in the Middle East if Israel does not lift the siege, and does not stop its attacks against the Palestinians and their infrastructure.