Several Palestinian institutions in East Jerusalem held a meeting on Saturday to discuss the means to counter the Israeli attacks against them, especially the violations carried out by the Jerusalem municipality.The institutions discussed the means to unite their efforts and their agendas as the Israeli authorities are trying to eliminate the presence of Palestinians in Jerusalem, and are ongoing with their attacks against Palestinian institutions and organizations in the occupied East Jerusalem.

They demanded the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, the government and all civil institutions to support the Palestinian and Arab organizations in Jerusalem in order to enable them perform their duties in defending the Palestinian culture and history.

Moreover, the institutions recommended creating a Jerusalem fund in order to replace the preconditioned Israeli support for some programs.

They also decided to issue a press release slamming the Israeli procedures, and rejecting the Israeli plan in the city and around it, especially settlement expansion plans in the Arab areas and lands.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the leftist Palestinian People Party, Government Jobs Committees, Al Thoury Women Center, the Palestinian Agricultural Relief, Shu’fat Women Center, Jothour (Roots) Center, and several other organizations.