Israeli warplanes attacked a car in Gaza city, killing three Palestinians and opened heavy fire on Palestinian-owned houses in eastern Khan Younis city.
Palestinian medical sources identified Mohiye Alserhi,23, Emad Ashour, 35 and Jamal Manna’,52, as dead after their bodies arrived completely burnt at the Alshifa hospital in Gaza.

In the meantime, the Israeli warplanes also hit three metal workshops early on Sunday morning in the Beit Lahiya town in northern Gaza and near the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza Strip.

In the Khan Younis city, south of Gaza, the Israeli planes shelled several Palestinian security posts, witnesses said.

Since last Thursday, the Israeli army has been keeping up attacks on the Gaza Strip, killing so far about 15 Palestinians including children and women and wounding scores others.

During a meeting of his cabinet Sunday morning, Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, confirmed Israel would step up military attacks on the Gaza Strip, as long as the Palestinian homemade shells fire continue.

As of Sunday morning, at least five homemade shells were reported to have been landed inside Israeli borders.

Israeli defense minister, Amir Perets, said his army has declared a high state of alert in a seven-kilometer depth in areas adjacent to the Gaza Strip.

Israel says its recent attacks are intended at defending self, in response to Palestinian homemade shells fire onto nearby Israeli towns.

Human rights groups called the Israeli actions in Gaza ‘war crimes’, urging the Israeli government to stop these actions immediately.

In April, a six-month-old ceasefire between the Palestinians and Israel was endangered after Israeli army killed 9 Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Palestinian resistance groups fired a barrage of homemade shells in retaliation, prompting Israeli army beef up around Gaza.