The family of detainee Omar Kamal Abu Ni’ma, from Tulkarem refugee camp in the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem, has appealed to the International Red Cross and other human rights groups to intervene and release their ailing son who was kidnapped by the army as he returned from medical treatment in France. Abu Ni’ma, 21, was kidnapped on Sunday evening at the Al Karama Crossing, between Jordan and the occupied West Bank, as he was returning home after receiving medical care in France.

In 2001, Abu Ni’ma was shot and injured by several rounds of live ammunition fired by the Israeli soldiers during an incursion into the Gaza Strip. The injury caused multiple complications and damaged his spine.

After his injury, the Israeli authorities refused to provide him with medical attention in Israel, forcing the family to look elsewhere.

His family stated that they hold Israel responsible for any possible complications that he is likely to suffer in detention and demanded his immediate and unconditional release.