Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip reported on Wednesday at dawn that at least seven residents, including one pregnant woman and one child, were injured in an Israeli shelling to the northern part of the Gaza Strip.The Israeli army confirmed that attack and claimed that it targeted a building used by resistance fighters to store ammunition and explosives.

The army also claimed that a the “stored explosives” caused a secondary explosion.

An Israeli military spokesperson claimed that the building is believed to be used by Hamas fighters.

On Tuesday evening, the Israeli air force shelled several targets in the Gaza Strip injuring at least three residents.

The army claimed that the shelled area are used by fighters as launching pads for firing homemade shells into adjacent Israeli areas.

Military sources said that Palestinian fighters fired several rockets at the Israeli Negev town of Sderot causing damage.

Also on Tuesday, the Israeli air force shelled a building used by the Executive Force which was formed by the Hamas-controlled ministry of interior.

Hamas and several Palestinian armed groups said that they fired homemade shells into Israeli areas to avenge the death of seven family members and several others Palestinians who were killed in the last few days in Israeli air strike

The seven family members were killed on May 20 as the army shelled the house of Khaleel Al Hayya, a Hamas-affiliated legislator who played an important role on the cease-fire deal between the rival Hamas and Fateh gunmen.