Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said Wednesday that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will meet Thursday with Javeir Solana, EU’s foreign policy chief in Gaza.

Speaking to the Voice of Palestine Radio, Erekat said the talks will be mostly focused on the internal Palestinian violence rather than exploring to support the coalition government, made up of Hamas and Fatah.

Erekat voiced concern over the latest waves of Fatah-Hamas infighting, which he believed to have caused harm to the Palestinian cause.

Fatah-Hamas infighting stopped last week as the Israeli air forces attacked several targets of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, leading so far to the death of about 37 Palestinians and wounding of approximately 120 others including civilians.

Erekat has called on the resistance factions to stop their homemade shells fire into nearby Israeli towns and urged the Hebrew state to accept a mutual calmness with the Palestinians.

Erekat, however, maintained that “resistance is a legitimate right but it should be done within a particular strategy to serve the national interests of the Palestinian people”.

A meeting between Abbas and his Prime Minister Haniya, expected later today, has been put off due to security reasons, an official statement said.

Israeli military officials warned of targeting Haniya, as Israeli strikes on targets of the Islamist Hamas and the Islamic Jihad (holy war) in Gaza continue unabated since last Thursday.