Israeli jet fighters fired missiles on Thursday on two Hamas outposts in the Gaza Strip, wounding six bystanders and completely destroying the two compounds.Medical sources said that six bystanders were wounded moderately and slightly , when they were hit by a missile’s sharpnle today afternoon.

Witnesses said that a missile landed on an executive force’s compound in Gaza city, destroyed the building, caused severe damages to six taxi cars and smashed windows of nearby houses.

Coincidently, a second missile hit another executive force building in the Deir Elbalah city in central Gaza Strip. The building has been reportedly devastated copmpletely as well, with no casualities reported.

The hit compounds have been evacuated recently under instructions by the Palestinian government, in light of frequent Israeli air strikes on the executive force’s posts, over the past seven days.

The executive force, installed by former interior minister of Hamas, Said Siyam, has never claimed responsibility for any attacks on Israel.

Israeli warplanes fired missiles yesterday night on a money exchange shop, a storehouse and a car. Three bystanders were wounded, while the car’s passengers escaped the attack.

These week-long Israeli aerial strikes have claimed the lives of 38 Palestinians, mostly Hamas operatives, as well as seven children and wounded more than 125 bystanders.

The Israeli army has stepped up attacks on the Gaza Strip, targeting Hamas and the Islamic Jihad group (holy war), in what Israel says a response to homemade shells fire into its southern towns.

Palestinian resistance factions expressed on Wednesday their willingness to restore a truce with Israel if such a ceasefire includes the West Bank as well.

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, called on the factions today to stop what he termed ‘idle’ homemade shells that the resistance factions have fired over the past week, while he called on Israel to extend the Gaza truce to the West Bank.