A number of Palestinians and internationals have been injured, and two others were taken prisoner in the weekly protest in Bilin, on Friday, as army attacked the protestors with tear gas, sound bombs and rubber-coated metal bullets.In their weekly nonviolent protest, the villagers of Bilin west of Ramallah, joined by a number of International and Israeli peace activists marched against the construction of the wall on their land.

Protesters carried signs condemning Israel’s construction of the wall, stating that it is illegal according to International law and the International Court of Justice.

The demonstration arrived at barbed wire installed by the army to prevent the activity. At this point, using a mega phone, troops called on the demonstrators not to come any closer to the barbed wire, after which tear-gas, sound bombs and rubber-coated steel bullets were fired at the protestors.

The gas bombs caused fire in the adjacent fields which are planted with Olive trees.

Six, including a journalist were injured. The journalist was shot in the head with a rubber-coated metal bullet. Several were treated for gas inhalation. Troops also assaulted journalists and attempted to take their cameras.

Mohammad Al-Khateeb, coordinator of the popular committee and an Israeli journalist identified as David were take prisoner by the army.