The Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) issued a press release on Monday stating that the Israeli authorities have extended the detention of the head of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Dr. Aziz Dweik, and of detained legislator Anwar Zboun.So far, no charges have been filed against either person. Both were kidnapped during a mass detention campaign of Palestinian legislators and officials that was carried out by Israeli authorities last year.

The PLC stated that the Israeli Army is continuing with its assaults against the Palestinian people and their elected representatives, and considered the detention of the legislators, who were elected by fully democratic means, illegal.

The PLC also stated that it will continue to hold its sessions in spite of the assaults carried out by the army, and in spite of the fact that a large numbers of legislators and ministers are illegally detained by Israel.

The PLC also affirmed the statements of Ahmad Bahar, the acting head of the Legislative Council, who challenged these kidnappings and considered the abduction of ministers and legislators as an illegal Israeli assault against Palestinian democracy.

Bahar appealed to Arab, Islamic and International parliaments to pressure Israel to release the legislators and ministers.

The PLC statement was issued by Ibrahim Al Farra, spokesperson for the PLC.