The family of Karim Dadouh, who was extrajudicially assassinated by Israeli forces several months ago, has been made homeless by the Israeli airforce, which fired a targeted missile at the family home Thursday, destroying most of the home.Local medical sources reported that the house was empty at the time that it was struck, but nine bystanders were wounded by shrapnel.  Cars parked nearby were also destroyed, and several neighboring homes were damaged.


The Israeli airforce confirmed that an airstrike had taken place, but would not give details regarding the target.


Witnesses reported that the Israeli plane fired missiles at the home, blasting large holes through the second floor and into the first floor, while neighbors in the crowded neighborhood began to panic, fearing their homes woulf be next.  They ran out into the streets, where some were injured by shrapnel.


Israeli forces often target the homes of Palestinian fighters, in an effort to further punish the families of those Palestinians who fight against the Israeli military occupation.  An estimated 10% of the home demolitions carried out by Israeli forces are said to be 'punishment' demolitions, according to the Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions – the only group to have done a tally of demolitions.  The other 90%, according to the group, are 'administrative demolitions', in which Israeli forces destroy the homes for allegedly not having a permit to build.  Israel has not issued these permits for Palestinians since 1967.