The Popular Committee For Supporting the Intifada, in Egypt, voiced a call to the Egyptians to participate in a solidarity protest in Nasr Egyptian city in support to the besieged residents of the Gaza Strip.The Committee stated that the residents in Gaza are dying as basic food and medical supplies are not allowed into the coastal region, while the residents are imprisoned there and barred from leaving the Strip even for medical treatment.

In its statement, the Committee stated that it decided to open a book gallery on Friday and that this gallery will be titled “Support the Intifada, support lifting the siege and opened the borders”.

The gallery will be opened in the Gallery Center in Nasr Egyptian city. The Committees called on the Authors to participate in this event and voiced their support to the Palestinian steadfastness and their legitimate resistance against the Israeli occupation.

Nasr city is the largest city in Cairo district, it was established in the 1960s.