Israeli newspaper Youdot Ahranot revealed on Tuesday that Palestinian Minister of civil affairs Mohammed Dahlan met Monday night with Israeli communication minister Dalia Itzik in Dan hotel in Tel Aviv.

The meeting took place upon Dahlan’s request to discuss the PA request that Israel approves a second cellular phones company in the Palestinian Authority territories. Itzik promised to study the request.

According to the Israeli newspaper, Dahlan arranged a phone conversation between Itzik and Palestinian President Mamoud Abbas during which they agreed to meet in Jordan next week.

Dahlan complained to the Labor minister on how the Israeli government is treating Abbas.

“I can’t understand why you are making things harder to him. So far check posts are increasing in numbers, Palestinians are facing more hardships at border crossings, you have not released even one prisoner from the list we submitted” Dahaln said.

“On July 17 we will run for elections, and so far there isn’t one single achievement that we can present to our people. I don’t understand you, what is it that you want? Do you want us to fall down?” he added.