More than 3.000 students, mainly girls, peacefully protested in a peacful anti-Wall protest in the village of Beit Awwa, in the south of Hebron , in the West Bank , on Wednesday.

IMEMC correspondent in Hebron said that more than forty International and Israeli peace activists from the International Solidarity Movement were among hundreds of protestors who launched a non-violent protest in the village in addition to hundreds of land owners threatened by the Wall.

The correspondent added that soldiers directly fired more than 200 gas and concussion at the protestors causing this huge number of injuries.

The protest started on Thursday approximately at 10 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon, while the clashes continued until four.

The carried Palestinian flags and chanted slogans against the Separation Wall which is consuming the Palestinian lands.

The protestors tried to stop the military bulldozers from digging in the fields, while tens of farmers scuffled with the soldiers with the soldiers, while several youths hurled stone at the soldiers who fired gas bombs and rubber-coated bullets.

Meanwhile, army announced the area as a closed military zone, and apprehended three Israeli Peace Activists who were at the protest.

Amy, and since early morning hours intensified military presence in the area and pushed a huge number of forces, border guard units, police, and tens of vehicles and jeeps.

It is worth mentioning that the continuous constructions of the Wall damaged hundreds of Agricultural Dunams and uprooted hundreds of Olive trees, and in several areas homes are threatened since the Wall is only some fifty meters away from them.