On April 24, 2005 is Nour’s
second birthday. Nour (meaning light in Arabic) was born in
jail. However, soon he will have to leave his mother because kids
over 2 years old can not stay in jail with the parent.

The mother Manal Ghanim still have 50 more months to serve in prison.

Lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners Society Raed Mahameed, said that he
visited the mother, Manal Ghanim, who informed him that her child needs
medical attention after going through a surgery recently.

Manal was allowed to attend the surgery with her child, but soldiers
refused to remove her handcuffs and remained tied beside her son,
unable to touch or hold him.

No additional checkups were conducted for the child after surgery.

Nour, remains 21 hours in the room with his mother along with 6 other
detainees, he has no toys to play with because the administration
barred the entry of any toys.

Manal, and her child, are barred from visitations, army claims she
tried to teach him how to walk in an area where she is not allowed to
come close to.

Also, Manal said that her child started to talk, but after the soldiers
broke into the rooms and sprayed the detainees with water he became
sick for three weeks and stopped talking in spite of her efforts.

Manal has two other sons; Ehab, 11, and Majed, 7, and a daughter, Niveen, 9 years old.

The child had a friend in detention, Wa’el, the son of Mervat Taha who was released recently.