Israeli official sources reported Friday that Iran’s nuclear capabilities are expected to take a major part of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Monday meeting with U.S. president George Bush.

Israeli military believe that is only one step away from developing nuclear weapons capabilities. Israeli intelligence estimates it would be a matter of months for this to happen.

Sharon is expected to demand that the United States pressure Europe to accept moving the Iranian nuclear file to the U.N. Security Council.

Sharon would also discuss with Bush different possible scenarios, in case Iran launches a missile attack against Israel as a reaction to an American possible attack against Iranian nuclear reactors.

Israel believes that only a super power can launch an attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities, admitting that Israel lacks the technology to be able to launch a multi attack at underground facilities scattered across the Islamic republic.

Israeli media sources said that louder voices in Washington are calling for a soon military action against Iran to prevent the acquisition of nuclear weapons by the Islamic republic.