According to Israeli media sources, major European Union countries expressed opposition to renewing the deliberations over the separation wall in the 59th United Nations General Assembly, which opened officially Tuesday.

They told the PLO representative Nasser Al Kidwa that they oppose his efforts to raise the issue as a major subject for discussion.

As well, sources in New York reported that few Arab diplomats at the UN expressed similar views, but for different reasons.

EU diplomats asked Al-Kidwa to move the separation wall issue into political negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, saying that the discussion around this issue in the UN has been exhausted.

Arab diplomats expressed worries that Palestinians might endanger their significant diplomatic achievement in the General Assembly if they press for more deliberations.

In July, 150 member states including the European Union’s 25 supported a resolution calling on Israel to abide by the ruling of the International Court of Justice and raze the separation wall.

Israel was also asked to compensate the Palestinians whose property was damaged as a result of the construction of the separation fence.

Al Kidwa is planning to propose a resolution that will threaten Israel with sanctions if it continues to ignore the ruling of the ICJ.

So far Israel rejected any direct talks with the Palestinian Authority over all issues, including the separation wall.

The call for political bilateral discussions over the issue lacks real ground.

On ground, talks are on going between Israel and the United States over the renewed route of the West bank barrier.

Standing against further UN discussions over the issue is in practice a statement of support to the American-Israeli negotiations.