Few hundreds Palestinian protesters from the Nablus region, supported by Israeli and International peace activists blocked Monday the way of garbage trucks coming from the center of Israel to dump garbage in Abu Shusha quarry.

Israel, against international law and objections by Israeli environmentalists, has decided to transfer garbage beyond the Green Line and dump it in the West Bank for the first time since 1967.

Most of the Israeli activists are members of the Anarchists Against the Fence and green movements. 


According to information revealed by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Israel plan to deposit 10,000 tons of garbage from the Dan and Sharon regions every month in the largest quarry in the West Bank.

In the last few days trucks and bulldozers have been covering the quarry’s floor with brown soil to turn it into a garbage dump.

‘We are dealing with a double crime,’ Israeli MK Yossi Sarid said last week.

‘On the one hand, Israel is preventing the Palestinians from making use of the quarry and its resources, and in exchange we are giving them the Sharon’s garbage. I believe this is a violation of international treaties.’ He explained.