Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s objection to the new route of the separation wall section in southern Hebron hills, proposed after the Israeli High Court ruling, is delaying the approval of the route, through which it is believed that the Be’er Sheva attackers infiltrated into Israel.

Sharon rejected the plan, prepared by the defense establishment, to bring the route closer to the green line after he took a helicopter tour over the area on Sunday.

The original route of the fence that was approved by the government last year positioned the barrier north of the Susia, Maon and Carmel settlements, leaving large expanses of land beyond the Green Line on the ‘Israeli’ side of the fence.

Following the High Court of Justice ruling from June, a new line was planned further to the south, leaving only three settlements south of the wall.

Sharon is insisting to include more settlements on the Israeli side of the fence, together with roads and hills in the area.

His proposals needs to undergo a judicial review after which detailed planning can begin, together with procedures to appropriate the land.

While the work on the six kilometers long section along the green line will begin next week, other sections, which penetrate deep inside the West Bank,are being delayed due to numerous objections filed by Palestinian residents.