The Prisoners Friends Society reported that its lawyer, Ibrahim Kana’neh visited the striking prisoners in Gilboa prison on Tuesday.

Kana’neh reportedly said the prisoners decided to suspend the hunger strike temporarily probably until Thursday or Monday.

The prisoners in Gilboa received promises from the prison administration to accept some of their special demands set by the 500 prisoners in that jail. However they said they will resume the strike if these demands were not fulfilled.

According to the prisoners, the prison administration said it will not even negotiate the general demands set by all the striking prisoners in all the Israeli jails, since they do not have the mandate to do so, but the authority of the Israeli Prison Authorities do.

The prisoners of Shikma have suspended their hunger last week, over similar promises by the prison administration, yet they resumed their strike few days later when their demands were not fulfilled.

Some local observers regard this as part of the attempts to foil the general hunger strike in the Israeli jails that started on August 15.