Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas warned Palestinians and institutions from buying real estate from private of public Israeli owners in areas slated for evacuation.

On Wednesday, Abbas held a meeting in Ramallah with the Palestinian disengagement follow-up committee and discussed with the committee the recent development regarding pullout.


The follow-up committee discussed reported and issued regarding the evacuation’s administrative, legal and practical aspects.

Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmad Qorei met of Wednesday evening in Ramallah with the ministerial committee which is following the Israeli withdrawal and discussed the latest developments.

Qorei said that the P.A is ready to coordinate with Israel on evacuation, but such coordination should be based on correct and clear basis.

The ministerial committee is composed of seven ministers, and professional, well trained teams; the committee is responsible of post-evacuation procedures and tasks.    

Qorei added that the teams discussed different issues regarding crossings, lands, factories and other facilities in the evacuated areas, and that the committee is accredited to make the needed decisions.

Meanwhile, the committee warned local organizations, and residents, for buying any lands or factories from the Israeli side in the areas slated for evacuation; the P.A will not recognize and contracts or deals regarding this issue.

“The P.A will not acknowledge contracts signed between Israelis and Palestinians, these contracts are illegal”, a source at the committee reported. 

Dr. Saeb Erekat, chief Palestinian negotiator, member of the P.A ministerial council, said that the P.A feels uncomfortable since it does not have any information about what will happen after the evacuation, or the Rafah Crossing, and other issues regarding geographical unity with the West Bank, or even the Palestinian economy.