The Palestinian Prisoners Society said that it received the text of the temporary agreement reached between the detainees committee and the administration of Asqalan detention concerning suspending the Hunger strike until Monday 30/8/2004.

The society published the following agreement which have been reached between the prisoners and the head of prison intelligence services known as “Dodo”:

1. Allow entry of food during family visits

2. Allow female family members of the detainees to be physically close to the detainees regardless of their age.

3. Allow the detainees resume using the laundry, drying machine, razors…etc.

4. Increase the quantity of meat provided to the detainees so that every detainee would get 2-3.5 kgm per month.

5. Allow the detainees to buy sweets from the prison cantina.

6. Allow the detainee to buy vegetables and fruits.

7. Allow visitations to male detainees between the ages 18-36 at least once every six months or years until further discussions on this issue.

8. Increase the number of times detainees are allowed to visit each other in their rooms and visitations between branches of the same detention.

9. Increase break period. [Periods in which detainee are allowed to leave their rooms to the prison yard].

10. Completely halt the naked body searches policy except in cases were the electric machine rings several times.

11. Searching the detainee’s rooms should be without damages the rooms and belongings of the detainees.

12. All detainees who have been transferred to other prisons should return to prisons they were in before the strike.

13. Add an additional TV to each room.

14. Add additional electric boiling machine top each room.

15. Allow the detainee to buy cooking materials, such as pots, plates…etc.

16. Every detainee should be provided with a suitcase to put his clothes in.

17. Allow entry of milk products.

18. Allow the detainee sentenced to life term to reach work facilities in the detention.

19. Searching the families of the detainees should be conducted in a legal and un-degrading.

20. In specific human cases, detainees who have sons who were unable to visit them for log periods are allowed to call them or their mothers.

21. Detainees in isolation should be able to leave their cells after studying each case separately.

22. Allow the detainees to remotely join International universities.

23. The administration promise to study the issue of removing the glass barriers during visitations within the coming two months.

24. Improve the medical and health conditions.

Demands which were not accepted, to be discussed again on Monday;

1. Remove glass barriers in the visitation rooms.

2. Fines imposed on the detainees.

3. Study at Palestinian universities.

4. Continuously allow phone calls.

Meanwhile, Issa Qaraqi’, head of the Palestinian Prisoner Society said that the rest of prisons are still on Hunger Strike, and that the detainees in Asqalan were allowed to contact detainees’ representatives in other detention camps in order to inform them about the temporary agreement.

Qaraqi’ added that activities supporting the striking detainees will continue “even if only one detainee is striking”.

“The agreement is partial, still no guarantees, we call upon the Red Cross to supervise and witness any agreement in order to monitor and guarantee that the authorities would fulfill its promises”, Qaraqi’ said.