A compromise proposal mentioning hat coalition talks were “no longer continuing” and blaming Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the Likud, was passed in the Labor Bureau on Wednesday.

The compromise ended a week long crisis after Party leader Shimon Peres refused to accept 10 labor MKs demand to dismantle the coalition negotiations team and start preparing for early elections.

Many commentators considered that as the compromise failed to demand the disbanding the negotiations team, Peres stepped out of the meeting with an upper hand.

The call to disband the coalition talks team came after Likud central committee disqualified labor as a coalition partner against the well of Sharon.

‘Because of the developments in the Likud, the coalition talks were stopped. If there are new developments they will be brought before the bureau for discussion,’ said the statement issued by Labor on Wednesday.

But, Peres’ profound victory came as the statement mentioned the need for early elections as a way to step out of the current crisis, but did not include a call for early elections inside the labor party.

MK Eitan Cabel walked out of the vote on the compromise formula, saying that he could not accept it, and that he was disappointed that the other ‘rebels’ had let him down.

‘To my regret, they chose, at the decisive moment, to avoid the major issue which is elections for a permanent chairman and preparations for general elections.” He said.