Israeli soldiers invaded on Sunday several areas and villages near the northern West bank city of Tulkarem, and arrested two brothers in Baqa Al-Sharqiyya.

A local source in Tulkarem stated that soldiers erected dozens of checkpoints on junctions leading to Tulkarem and several surrounding villages, and conducted military searches, especially north of the city.

The source reported that soldiers broke into dozens of homes, and arrested Ayman Majed Al-Sa’ed, 25, and his brother 18 years old, from Baqa Al-Sharqiyya, north of Tulkarem and transferred them to an unknown location.

Also, soldiers invaded the village of Atteel, north of Tulkarem, and conducted military searches in dozens of homes after forcing the residents out, no arrests.

Meanwhile, soldiers fired rounds of live ammunition and concussion grenades after invading the villages of Alllar and Qaffeen; dozens of youth in Qaffeen hurled stones at the soldiers after invading the village, no injuries or arrests were reported.

Earlier on Sunday, soldiers invaded Ezbit Nasser, south of Tulkarem, erected a checkpoint and searched dozens of vehicles and residents for several hours. 

Also, soldiers broke into the home of Mansour Hussein Abu Kakr, 24, and search it, no arrests.