Israeli Prison Authorities (IPA) released on Monday evening detainee ‘Ali Farraj Salem Abu Juraida, 29, from Rafah, after four years in administrative detention, without trial or charges.

Abu Juraida was released on Monday and transported to Erez Crossing in the northern Gaza Strip, from where he traveled back home.

Abu Juraida was the representative of a large number of detainees held under administrative detention orders.

PCHR reported that Abu Jaraida was arrested at Rafah International Crossing on his way to Egypt.

Abu Juraida was interrogated for 60 days, and then placed under administrative detention; his administrative detention was renewed 10 times.

Administrative detention is a system which places Palestinian residents in detention without any charge or trial, and without access to a lawyer or the right of repeal.

Such orders are frequently renewed by the IPA without and legal basis.

Also, administrative detention is considered a violation to the international human rights standards since it lacks proper judicial procedures which can ensure that the detainee enjoy their rights of a fair trial.

In several cases, administrative detention orders are issued against the detainees at the end of interrogation without any charges.

In other cases, such orders are renewed when the detainees serve the whole period of their imprisonment sentences, and are about to be released.

“It is a violation Article 78 of the Fourth Geneva Convention which prohibits the use of this measure as a form of punishment, rather then as an exceptional measure for ‘imperative reasons of security’, PCHR reported.

Currently, at least 8000 Palestinian detainee are imprisoned in 27 prisons and detention centers, among them 880, including 10 women and 12 children, have been held under administrative detention in the Negev detention, Majeddo and Ofer.

The PCHR called upon concerned bodies and international humanitarian organizations to immediately intervene in order to ensure the release of all political detainees in Israeli prisons and detention camps.