The U.N. Non-Aligned Movement is urging all of its members to act ‘individually or collectively’ to impose sanctions against Israeli settlements and companies that participate in settlement activity, including those helping to construct of the West Bank separation wall.

The 115-member movement asked, in a document released last week, the U.N. Security Council to adopt a resolution condemning Israel and to take necessary measures to stop the construction of the separation wall, which was declared illegal by the International Court of Justice.

In addition, The Non-Aligned Movement, in its last week Durban meeting, urged the Security Council to establish a register of damage caused by the wall and require Israel to pay reparations.

‘With regard to member states, the Non-Aligned Movement foreign ministers called upon them to undertake measures … to prevent any products of illegal Israeli settlements from entering their markets,’

They also called member states ‘to decline entry to Israeli settlers and to impose sanctions against companies and entities involved in the construction of the wall and other illegal activities in the occupied Palestinian territory.’

Israeli diplomatic source said that Israel shouldn’t ignore the severity of the recommendations, particularly as they are meant to provide a foundation for PLO resolutions against Israel at the upcoming UN General Assembly.

‘The Palestinians always recruit the non-aligned countries to adopt resolutions and instructions that later become the basis for anti-Israel initiatives in the General Assembly.’ The source added.