Issa Qaraqe’, head of the Palestinian Prisoners Society reported that four Jordanian detainees in Al-Damoun detention announced their intentions to conduct an open ended hunger strike stating from Monday.

The detainees said that that this step comes in protest to the criterions Israel is conditioning in any negotiations regarding the release of detainees from its prisons.

The detainees already served their terms and were supposed to be released along with other detainees; Israel released mime Jordanian detainees, seven of them returned to Jordan, and two remain in the West Bank, currently there are 16 Jordanian detainees imprisoned in Israel.

The detainees, Yosrey Abbad, Khaled Daghlas, Rabee Daoud and Mohammad Odeh sent a letter to the society, on Sunday, announcing their hunger strike.

The letter wrote, “We, Jordanian detainees, in Al-Damoun detention, inform you hereby that we will start our hunger strike on Monday 25/4/2005, Israel is keeping us in detention in spite that we already served our terms, we will not stop our strike until we are released, or until we die”.

Also, the detainees appealed king Abdullah of Jordan and the Jordanian government to interfere and pressure Israel in order to release them, and stop “the Israeli policy of blackmail against them”.


Detainee Sultan Al-Ajlouni, one of the Jordanian detainees, already spent 15 years in detention; Al-Ajlouni was sentenced to 22 consecutive years.

“Israel refused to release Al-Ajlouni along with other Jordanian detainees, after labeling them as “detainees with bloody hand”, Qaraqe’ said.