The President of the Israeli High Court Judge Aharon
Barak said Thursday that Israel can’t continue to ignore the ruling of
the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the separation wall issue,
and would have to deal with it at a certain point.

Barak’s remarks were made during the court deliberations over an appeal
submitted by residents of Shoqbah village, near the West bank city of
Ramallah, against the construction of the barriers on their land.

Barak also said that with the exception of Jerusalem, which Israel
consider as an integral part of Israel, Israel needs to deal with the
ICJ ruling.

Lawyer Mohammed Dahal, who represents Shoqbah villagers said that the
state of Israel have to respond to the villagers appeal within 30 days
and respond to the courts’ call to present a stand on the ICJ court

The court refused to issue an injunction to freeze the work in the site
after the state committed to return back the situation as it was if the
court rules t move the wall to a different route.