Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is in favor of demolishing the homes of the settlers who will be evacuated from the Gaza Strip, according to Israeli cabinet sources.

The decision to tear down the houses was made a year ago in order to prevent Palestinians from ‘dancing on the rooftops’ after the settlers’ evacuation..

Sharon had not been given any convincing reason to change stance, especially since the Palestinian Authority supports destroying settlers’ homes, the source said.

Labor ministers, after the party joined the ruling coalition, have been leading a campaign against tearing down settlers’ homes. They were later joined by Israeli defense minister Shaul Mofaz and Public Security Minister Gideon Ezra.

Earlier in the week, Sharon said that leaving the houses intact would be conditional on an agreement to coordinate the disengagement with the Palestinians.

Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni vehemently oppose changing the existing decision