Israeli police shut down the East Jerusalem office used by the Palestinian Authority to register Palestinian voters in the city prior to the parliamentary elections set to be held on July 17, Israeli media sources reported.

According to Palestinian sources, police detained two officials at the Wadi Joz office from which the Palestinian Central Elections Committee managed voter registration efforts. Police also confiscated documents.

Israel denies any right of Palestinians in East Jerusalem to interact with the Palestinian Authority, although it recognized in principle the right of Palestinians in Jerusalem to vote in the PA elections.

Israel did not allow candidates for the presidential elections to campaign in the city and arrested few of them who allegedly entered Jerusalem without a permit from the Israeli Authorities.

Last year, police shut down several offices managed by the PA election committee prior to the vote to the Palestinian presidential elections in January.

The current voter registration drive now taking place in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is intended to compile a master list of voters prior to elections for the Palestinian Legislative Council.

Police surrounded the office, raided it, arrested employees and confiscated documents.

In August 2001 Israel ceased the Orient House, the official Palestinian representation in East Jerusalem.

A large force invaded the office, held all employees, removed the Palestinian Flag and put an Israeli one instead.