Israel is formulating a new immigration policy that is expected to be as severe as any in Europe.

Committee headed by Israeli interior minister is formed to look into the issue and present recommendations.

The general commit guidelines include, nullifying automatic citizenship for children of Israelis if the children were not born in Israel, or if only one parent is Israeli, freezing offering citizenship procedures to illegal aliens, and imposing a criteria based on income, age and affiliation to Israel for citizenship applications, including for foreign spouses of Israelis.

The recommendations to stiffen migration laws came during a meeting of the Israeli National Security Council in the Israeli prime minister office last month.

There is broad agreement in the government that the policy must be strict and make it difficult for non-Jews to obtain citizenship in Israel.

Israeli Attorney General Menachem Mazuz also supports a toughening of the immigration laws.

Among other things, Pines-Paz’s committee will examine the possibility of changing the Law of Return, considered by many a taboo subject in Israeli politics.

The Arab citizens of Israel believe that the proposed amendments to the citizenship law are discriminatory and would create more hardships to the Arab sector more than others.