Palestinian and Arab detainees in Israeli prisons appealed the Egyptian government and president Hosny Mobarak to pressure Israel in order to implement the Sharm al-Sheikh understandings.

A statement released by the Detainees Media Center reported that the “Israeli decision to cancel the release of additional 400 detainees indicates that Israel is not interested in a truce, and is willing to resume its attacks and violations against the Palestinian people”.

The detainees condemned the Israel policy which attempts to humiliate them, and excludes detainees who have been in detention for long periods from any prisoner release agreement. 

Also, the detainees added that female detainees and children should be freed without any conditions, and called for ending the violations conducted against them in detention by placing them in harsh living conditions, not providing them with the needed medical care, torture, and placing dozens of detainees in solitary for long periods.