Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei told Monday reporters in Ramallah that without arms and vehicles the police force will not be able to stand to its duties and restore law and order, therefore without proper equipment, no deployment will take place.

So far Israel did not officially approve allowing Palestinian police to carry arms over concerns that those arms might be used against soldiers operating inside Palestinian authority areas.

“Police must carry arms and occupation must seize” Qurei told reporters, responding to Israeli claims.

A deadlock over Israel’s demand to approve lists of names of Palestinian police personnel allowed carrying arms is still in effect. The Palestinian Authority consider the Israeli demand as rude and humiliating.

Qurei also said that Israel did not respond to the PA demand to hold a meeting between top security officials to coordinate the deployment of the Palestinian police force, “the ball is at their half of the playground” he said.

Earlier in the week, Israeli defense minister Shaul Mofaz in principle approved to allow Palestinian police to carry weapons.

Over rising criticisms inside the cabinet, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon announced Sunday that the PA request was still being examine and does not enjoy a governmental approval.

The deployment of police force inside the PA areas is an important component of an Egyptian-brokered deal to help restore law and order and prepare for the implementation of the proposed disengagement plan.