Lawyers of the Palestinian Prisoners Society Fawwaz al-Shalloudi, and Hussein al-Sheikh visited the Negev and Atzion detentions, and met with several detainees who informed them of harsh treatments and conditions they face in detention.

Lawyer al-Shalloudi said that detainees Raed Dhraghmeh, 23, from Tubas, if suffering from injuries sustained during his arrested on 18/8/2004.

Dhraghmeh was shot, in addition to suffering fractions in his shoulders, serious injuries in his abdomen when a shell fired by the army exploded near him; Dhraghmeh needs several surgeries and immediate medical treatment.

Also, lawyer al-Shalloudi added that prison administration in the Negev detention separated the branches of the detention with 10 meters high walls.

Several detainees complained the soldiers are mocking them, especially when they are praying, in addition to repeatedly insulting and humiliating them.

The harsh procedures were intensified after the detainees decided to boycott administrative courts. 

Lawyer Hasan al-Sheikh said that detainee Salamah al-Rshaiyda, 29, from Bethlehem is suffering from pain in his spine and asthma; al-Rshaiyda is placed in solitary in Kfar Atzion detention.

Al-Sheikh added t6hat detainees Fadi Jom’a, from Tiqua near Bethlehem was tortured during interrogation and stuck with an iron bar to several parts of his body.