Family of Abdul-Fattah Yousef Raddad, who died in detention on May 5, 2005, appealed humanitarian organizations to inflict over the Israeli Prison Authorities in order to hand them the body of their son.

Raddad, 22, from the village of Said near Tulkarem, died at Al-Ramleh detention hospital, north of Tel Aviv; Raddad was shot injured when he was arrested and did not received the needed medical treatment and surgery.

The Detainees Media Center said that the army told them that he was shot in his leg, and that his health condition was stable, and were not allowed to visit him until they learned that he died in the detention hospital.

“Does an injury in the leg causes death?”, the sister of Raddad said, and added that the prison authorities postponed handing them his body until next week, without any explanation for this delay.

Mohammad Bader, head of The Detainees Media Center, slammed the Israeli violations conducted against the detainees and appealed humanitarian organizations to aide the family in receiving the body of their son for burial.

Bader added that medical conditions in Israeli prisons are very bad, while dozens of detainees are suffering from bad health conditions and not receiving the needed medical attention and treatment.

It is worth mentioning that 107 detainees died in Israeli prisons since 1967, some of them died during torture, others died of medical neglect, several detainees died of injuries sustained during their arrest.