A medical source in Hebron reported that resident Widad Mohammad al-Qaoud, 57, died of wounds sustained on Thursday after midnight, after soldiers attacked her brothers’ home in the old city.

The source stated that soldiers knocked on the door of her brothers’ home, in

Al-Karteena neighborhood in the old city after hurling stones at it, as she was opening it one of the soldiers slapped the door into her, causing critical injuries in her head and chest.

The woman fainted immediately, sustained internal bleeding and died one hour after she was injured.   

Soldiers abducted the body of al-Qaoud, and handed it to the Red Crescent Society one hour after her death.

The Red Crescent transferred her body to the Hebron governmental hospital.

Mahmoud Abu Zahara, the son of Widad said that he intends to file charges against the soldiers holding them responsible of his mother’s death.

Widad was buried at al-Shuhada graveyard in the city on Saturday, hundreds of residents attended her funeral and chanted slogans against the occupation, Wall and the continuous military assaults.