Humanity has developed to a level where solving a dispute has either to take place upon an agreement between parties involved or through a trusted third party, mostly a judge.

Jungle law is different and mostly unilateral. The powerful among animals unilaterally defines its territory and expects other animals to recognize and respect. The ones who don’t are entitled to capital punishment; they end up being the meal for the night’s supper.

Even in the jungle, strong animals don’t opt for exterminating other species, their potential future food, but the ones among them who wants to survive has to respect the jungle law.

In the jungle all decisions are unilateral. When the lion is hungry, a hunt for food starts. Territories and rights are solely defined on the bases of power attained by various groups.

How is this different from Sharon’s method?

The lion of the Middle East jungle has decided that his group needs more territories but also needs to separate from other jungle species.

No known referee would be able to agree to his demands, therefore, the lion moves to unilaterally define his safe territories. Different from the real jungle, the ‘other’ is not expected to concede to his territorial definition, so the only way left is to protect them through fencing.

Yet, by no means is the Middle East Lion welling to abandon control over the entire jungle. Hence other species has to concede to his de facto control over all exits and inlets to the jungle.

The ones who help achieve the goal are rewarded; the ones who stand against it are punished.

The lion unilaterally decides that it was neither useful nor helpful to keep parts of his family in densely populated by the ‘other’ territories. Therefore, relocation of lions becomes a necessity.

The wildest among the lions are not comfortable with being removed from an easy to hunt in territories, and Lion King has to face the hardship of removing them against their well.

‘I am turning the place into a closed zoo; do you want to be domesticated?’ I imagine Lion King telling rebel lions.