The Ministry of Interior and National Security said that only the Palestinian Authority has the right to discuss internal Palestinian issues with other factions in accordance to the Cairo talks.

The ministry was commenting on statements of the Israeli minister of defense Shaul Mofaz who said that Hamas is strengthening and becoming a parallel power to the P.A.

Tawfik Abu Khousa, the media spokesperson of the ministry said that all Palestinian internal issues are dealt with through negotiations and talks between the Palestinian factions and the P.A in accordance to the principles of the Cairo internal talks.

Also, Abu Khousa added that the P.A continuously meets with representatives of Hamas and discusses the security situation and other internal Palestinian issues, adding that the P.A is the legitimate representative of the Palestinian People.

Abu Khousa also said that the P.A is committed to its pledges regarding collecting the weapons of Palestinian fighters in Jericho and Tulkarem which it currently controls.

“We hope that Israel will fulfill its pledges, withdraw from the Palestinian areas, allow the return the deportees, release the detainees and halt its attacks in the Palestinian areas”, Abu Khousa said.

Abu Khousa added that when Israel conducts practical measures, and fulfills its pledges, the P.A will be ready to fully control the Palestinian areas.