Israeli Police said Monday that 9 Israeli Jews were arrested, questioned and conditionally released in recent weeks on suspicion of planning an attack on Haram Al-Sharif mosque in Jerusalem.

The planned attack was meant to be part of the campaign to curb the disengagement plan.

The nine were freed on the grounds of not being able to implement their plan, Israel Radio reported Monday.

According to the report, the suspects planned to carry out the attack using an anti-tank Lau missile.

Two of the suspects, Avtalion Kadosh, 21, from Jerusalem and 23-year-old Eyal Karamani from Rehovot, turned to the criminal underworld in a bid to obtain the weapons, the radio said.

The suspects planned to fire the missile at the second in holiness Muslim and then throw hand grenades at Israeli security forces that would arrive at the scene, before committing suicide.

In 1969, an Australian Christian fundamentalist set fire to the Al-Aqsa mosque and caused extensive damage.

In 1982, an Israel reserve soldier opened fire on the Dome of the Rock, killing two Palestinians and wounding nine.

On September 2000, current Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, then the opposition leader, paid a provocative visit to the site, triggering more than four years of an Israeli-Palestinian crisis, which harvested the lives of thousands on both sides.