Palestinian media sources reported that Israeli settlers tried to burry a Palestinian young man from a village near Nablus alive. Israeli soldiers operating in the area were watching them doing so.

According to Khaled Mahmoud Abu Khalaf, 33 from Aseera Al-Qibliya was in his farmland with three other villagers on Sunday afternoon when they were attacked by settlers and soldiers.

Abu Khalaf said, the three of them were detained for one hour, then the other three were released and he was taken at the gun point to the nearby Yitzhar settlement, apparently where the settlers came from.

He said the soldiers did not even try to stop the settlers from beating him. He said he was badly beaten.

Abu Khalaf said, ‘They put me in a hole in the ground and put the gun in my mouth and said, we will burry you here.’

The soldiers did not let them burry him, but allowed them to beat him, Abu Khalaf said.

Abu Khalaf was released six hours later while in a very bad physical and psychological condition, with bruises in many parts of his body.